Land of the Lost and Found DIGITAL PACKAGE

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This digital package contains everything you need to produce this show: Script, Scores, Listening Tracks, Stereo Accompaniment Tracks, Director Resource Kit, and Student Devotional Book.  Purchaser may create physical copies of script and scores, and may share listening tracks with cast and crew.

This musical takes us on a wild journey through the Lost and Found parables from Luke 15.  Morris, the new kid at school, is feeling scared and lost, until he finds his way to Room 316, the Lost and Found, and steps through a magic doorway into Luke 15.  Guided by a special compass, Morris watches the parables spring to life in drama and song.  The parables have never been more fun, and we will all learn an important lesson:  when you feel lost, you can find your confidence in Jesus, the compass that always leads us home.